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Dr. Moses Durazo

Moses Durazo is a Medical Biomagnetic Pair therapy specialist, and author of the Biomagnetic Recalibration method and harmonic resonance piano-sound-bath innovator who embarked on an unconventional path to holistic wellness.  His journey began 27 years ago with a profound medical experience that challenged his belief in allopathic medicine and the conventional approach to health.

Upon discovering UC Santa Cruz's Holistic Health program, Durazo's perspective shifted towards a holistic view of wellness, drawing inspiration from centuries-old healing traditions rooted in mind, body, and spirit balance.  This perspective deeply resonated with him, emphasizing a holistic approach over merely treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

Despite graduating from UCSC armed with extensive natural medicine knowledge, Durazo faced a significant health challenge - chronic digestive issues.  Conventional and traditional methods proved ineffective, leaving him in search of alternative solutions.

His quest led him to a life-changing discovery in Mexico—Medical Biomagnetic Pair therapy. With a single treatment involving the application of static magnets, Durazo's chronic 4.5-year ailment vanished overnight.  This pivotal experience ignited his passion for pioneering Medical Biomagnetism.

Recognizing that Medical Biomagnetism, while powerful, couldn't address all the diverse and ever-evolving challenges individuals face, Durazo developed the Biomagnetic Recalibration methodology.  This approach, comprising a simple 6-step protocol, empowers individuals, including children, to take greater control of their well-being.

In a moment of inspiration, Durazo realized that he could harness his piano skills and strategically use major and minor musical keys to amplify the healing process.  Guided by the belief that "when words fail, music speaks," he gave birth to Harmonic Resonance Sound Baths—an innovative approach to healing that combines the therapeutic power of Biomagnetism and music.

Moses Durazo's holistic journey is a testament to the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, offering a unique path to well-being and self-discovery.

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