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The Holistic Health Protocol

Congratulations on Taking a Powerful Step Toward Your Wellness Goals!

The summit was just the beginning of your incredible journey. Now, imagine having the tools and support to transform your newfound knowledge into actionable strategies that deliver lasting results.

Get personalized plans, expert coaching, and a supportive community to thrive!

Ready to unlock your full potential?

Empower Your Wellness Journey with VIP!

We are here to help and provide you with the best advice. Trust our dedicated team to guide you towards optimal well-being. Explore our offerings and start your journey to a healthier life today.




Unlock the Comprehensive package for health experts. This bundle includes your choice of the live Q&A webinar or Holistic Health Protocol workshop, and lifetime access to all 23 interviews. Plus, receive a bonus coaching call for personalized guidance. 

Lifetime Access To

23 in-depth expert interviews

Discovery Coaching call with Dr. Manu Gill

Ticket to 1 Live Virtual Workshop of Your Choice

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Elevate your health expertise with our Advanced Health Package. Engage in interactive webinars, join the HHP workshop, and gain lifetime access to in-depth interviews. Plus, receive a bonus coaching call for personalized guidance. Take your health journey to new heights with the Advanced Health Package.

Lifetime Access To

23 in-depth expert interviews

Discovery Coaching call with Dr. Manu Gill

Ticket to 2 Live Virtual Workshops


Free Access to a Paid Live Virtual Event in May 2024

Ticket to 1 Future Live Virtual Event of your choice in Q3 2024



Embrace this package to lay a solid foundation for your health journey and empower yourself with the knowledge and resources to achieve optimal well-being.

Lifetime Access To

23 in-depth expert interviews



Live Implementation/Q&A Masterclass ($600 Value)


Join our 2-hour live Zoom Q&A session to explore your interests, get answers to your questions, and broaden your perspectives in a virtual environment guided by experts.

The Holistic Health Protocol Workshop ($800 Value)

Experience a 2-hour live Zoom lecture delving into the five pillars of health—social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual


Gift your friend this VIP OFFER and join forces in unlocking your true potential, as you both navigate the depths of your emotions, support each other, and create an extraordinary shared experience. 

Lifetime Access to All Interviews ($1,000 Value)

1:1 Discovery Coaching Call with Dr. Manu Gill ($200 Value)

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